We manufacture top-quality building components

We always strive for innovative approach which leads to a high-quality product at an affordable price.


In our design work we let ourselves to be freely inspired by the latest global trends. Simplicity, modesty and design purity are the main basis of work and the right way for us..


Production of high-quality products requires a well-established professional background. Therefore the entire manufacturing process is supervised only by certified and trained employees who are supported by completely equipped work facilities and modern advanced machinery.


All our products are distributed through a broad network of business partners (pocket door cases, railing, grafoglass) or you can visit our showrooms where we will gladly arrange everything to your satisfaction.

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Our products


Our portfolio includes stairs and staircases of different shapes, types and material designs. You can choose from spiral staircases, segment stairs, side-beam stairs or bracket-type stairs.

The stairs and staircases are available for indoor application in private homes, offices, entry halls, etc., and for outdoor application.

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Sliding pocket door frame

Sliding pocket door frame from our assembly line are characterized by combination of practicality and esthetics. All sliding pocket door frames are available in two versions – for brick-wall partition walls and for drywall partition walls in single-leaf and double-leaf version.

It is a modern and practical system for sliding a door in to the partition wall which is popular because it is effective and saves space.

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Concealed door frames

Concealed door frames provide a design-pure door passage. Unlike traditional doors which are hinged in a standard frame, concealed door frames are integrated in the wall which may be made of bricks or a drywall system.

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Grafoglass is a unique interior system of all-glass elements with laminated digital print or textile which makes it possible to harmonize the interior into a homogenous entity.

The application of Grafoglass is very broad: e.g., as glass paneling in the kitchen, glass doors, or glass partitions and all-glass walls.

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Glass walls

All-glass walls are not just a design piece in the interior. In particular in large rooms there may a requirement for partial separation of a certain area (kitchen, living room).

It is possible to use clear, tinted, sand-blasted glass or even grafoglass and achieve perfect harmony of the interior.

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Loft ladder

We also specialize in production of pull-down loft ladder for ceiling and wall which feature modern design and easy operation. We offer three types of loft ladder – Aristo, Kombo and Lusso.

Loft ladders can be supplied as standard, thermally insulated or fire resistant in various sizes and lengths.

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Stainless steel railing

Stainless steel railing is intended for concrete stairs, prefabricated stairs or balconies and balustrades.

The railing panels are based on pure and elegant design and are available in various types: wire, post, and all-glass.

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Sliding systems

Sliding systems for sliding doors with easy installation provide an ideal solution in particular in areas where sliding a wall pocket is not possible.

It provides a solution for sliding interior all-glass or wooden doors. Its design will meet expectations of even the most demanding customers who can choose from five types o sliding systems.

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