We are JAP FUTURE s.r.o.

a Czech company through a through, established in 1991.

JAP FUTURE s.r.o. is a manufacturing company which was established in December 1991 in Kokory near Přerov.

In mid 2001 all of the company’s operations and offices moved to one place at Nivky No. 67, 750 02 Přerov.

In 2002 the company opened a new showroom SCHODY & SYN – the stairs center in Bassova street in Prague 9 - Vysočany.

Our main goal is to supply high-quality building components with innovative design at an affordable price.

The company has ISO 9001-certified quality system in place.

We have been taking care of your comfort for more than 20 years

Company founded by Mr. Adam Shampan
"LUSSO" ceiling-mounted loft ladder
"VERTICALE" vertical wall-mounted attic laddery
indoor and outdoor spiral staircases
indoor segment staircases
addition of the space saving staircase
to the family of segment staircases
addition of LUSSO ZP and LUSO PP to the family of loft ladders
sliding pocket door frame
sliding systems, ironmongery and a handles for sliding doors
Stainless steel railings
sliding systems Trix and Rollo
glass walls
addition of ARISTO to the family of loft ladders
addition of Aktive, Emotive and Latente
to the family of sliding pocket door frames
addition of KOMBO to the family of loft ladders
concealed aluminum frames Aktive and Emotive for hinged door
design doors Master and Strong made of aluminum and glass
And we keep developing new solutions!

Our philosophy is to supply to our customers top-quality
building components with innovative design..

Petr Paksi, CEO

Our Story

From the originally small regional company we have grown into a leading manufacturer in the Czech market. The company has its own showrooms with qualified and trained personnel in Přerov, Brno, Prague and Bratislava. We also offer consulting by our business and technical consultants who operate in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Our portfolio includes a broad range of building components such as sliding pocket door frames, concealed door frames, sliding systems, grafoglass and glass walls, loft ladders, stainless steel railings and stairs .
Sliding pocket door frames manufactured by "J.A.P." are characterized by combination of practicality and esthetics. The sliding pocket door frames are manufactured in several types Norma standard, Norma komfort, Norma paralel and Norma unibox. All sliding pocket door frames are available in two versions – for brick-wall partition walls and for drywall partition walls in single-leaf and double-leaf version

In 2013 the offering of sliding pocket door frames was increased and new versions, Latente, Emotive and Aktive, were added to the Norma type. A new product in 2014 was concealed door frames Latente, Emotive and Aktive. If sliding in a door pocket is not possible our company offers a solution using wall-mounted sliding systems. The wall-mounted sliding systems are available in Trix Zero, Trix One, Trix Heavy and Rollo series.

"J.A.P." is the first one to manufacture grafoglass – tempered glass with laminated digital print or textile. This grafoglass makes it possible to harmonize the interior into a homogenous entity. The application of grafoglass is very broad: e.g., as glass paneling in the kitchen, glass doors, or all-glass walls.

We offer 10 model series of glass walls which offer various combinations of the glass panes, doors and transom windows.

We also specialize in production of pull-down loft ladders for ceiling and wall which feature modern design and easy operation. We offer three types of loft ladders – Aristo, Kombo and Lusso. All loft ladders are fire resistant and are tested I testing laboratories in the Czech Republic and Germany.

Another important building component we offer is stairs and staircases. Our portfolio includes spiral staircases, segment stairs, side-beam stairs or bracket-type stairs. The stairs and staircases are available for indoor and outdoor application and are made of wood, metal, concrete, or a combination of materials.

An inseparable part of our offering is stainless steel railings based on a modular system intended for concrete stairs, prefabricated stairs or balconies and balustrades. The portfolio includes railing panels based on pure and elegant design, finish quality, and installation of the panels on the posts. You can chose from wire, post or glass railings with clear, matt or printed glass. Another option is a modern railing design – all-glass railing without posts.